I am going to break this down into two sections- baby crested geckos and adult crested geckos

For Baby Crested Geckos

We suggest using one of two substrates- paper towel or bare bottom enclosure.

Baby crested geckos need more humidity than adults. A paper towel sheet provided on the bottom of the enclosure or, if going with a bare bottom, a wadded up paper towel in a corner of the enclosure will offer a way to mist and collect moisture for the little ones. With either method, we also provide plenty of hiding spaces with plastic plants and cardboard egg cartons.


For our Adult crested geckos, we provide each enclosure with a moist hide-both as a place for the gecko to hide and a place for them to hydrate (we add moist vermiculite to the box). Read more here to Learn how to make a Humid Hide. Many keepers offer some form of peat moss as a substrate as a method to keep humidity up. We prefer a bare bottom tank as it is so difficult to find eggs in a peat substrate. To make the enclosure more decorative and provide more hiding spaces, we use plastic plants. We find the least expensive bunches of plastic plants with leaves at least half the size of a person’s palm in vine or bunches. The vines we cup up into foot long sections and randomly add to the bottom of the tank. The animals love this and it makes it SO easy to clean!


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