VENDOR OF THE MONTH - Julie Bergman of Gecko Ranch LLC


I seriously don't know where to start describing Julie and how much she brings to the hobby.  From her "About Us" page, she is an author (numerous Reptiles Magazine articles and more significantly the great work entitled Geckos: Day Geckos, Tokay Geckos plus New Caledonians and More!),  2009 president and lifetime member of GGA, PIJAC Joint advisory council, and finally-hold onto your hats- she races her Trans Am!

Her knowledge of geckos, especially and absolutely not limited to Phelsuma, is remarkable.  As unassuming as anyone in the hobby though, you would never know this simply talking to her.  But, ask a question and she WILL have the answer.  

John Harrington nominated Julie offering- "Julie Bergmen  is always very helpful with any questions and has a wide range of geckos to choose from. I have bought from her many times geckos and cgd. I have even had orders shipped same day I ordered."

Julie, thank you for adding so much to this hobby.




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