Caresheets, breeding success stories, reptile show reports, etc. etc. etc.  I enjoy a nice article as much as the next hobbyist.  However, this one is going to be something a bit different.


Last year at the reptile show (NARBC) in Chicago friends like John, Nick, Harold, and Derek were throwing names of geckos around like crazy. My head was spinning. I just couldn't keep up talking about... well leopard, crested, and day geckos. I had to know more about the rich and wonderful group of reptiles we classify as geckos. At the show, I decided against purchasing new cresties and leos and picked up 5 N. wheeleri from John Z.  Beautiful animals. This was my start into diversifying my collection. In the past few months, several animals from different genus have been added (more on this later). Then, in April (2011) a wonderful breeder at the Scott Smith All animal show, Julie TenBensele of Chamo Wear offered me a pair of Uroplatus ebenaui for a very fair price. I jumped at the opportunity to try this new, and different animal.

As I know little about this (and the other animals I have picked up) I will be logging my maintenance, feeding, and care of these animals.  This is as much for me as it is for you, my fellow hobbyist.  I'll try to keep this as up to day as I possible can and hope it helps you as much as I am sure it will help me.  Check back in once in a while to see how this goes.


Aug 06, ' 12    I cannot believe it has been half a year since the last post!  The pair are doing great, hiding a lot in between leaves and hard to find, but doing great.  They love medium crickets and do well with a misting every other day.  That's great news but the prospect of seeing little U. ebenaui at this point in the year is dimming.  I don't feel that is an issue at all as I really enjoy the pair as much as any of my other animals.  At this point in the year, my guess is that they are done breeding and we will wait for 2013 and, as they say, hope springs eternal.

Feb 19, ' 12    It starts.  With a close friend over to see our new granddaughter Christal, we took a quick tour of the facility.  As we finished up with the U. ebenaui enclosure, I noticed a couple of things that were 'different'.  Attached to a plastic leaf were two semi-clear, yellowish orbs.  I knew right away they were eggs!  That's the good news.  The bad, they were not good.  As I found out, good eggs are placed on the substrate (or just below a layer) and not adhered to leaves.  Now the really bad news.  The female looked pretty beat up.  Marks on the tail and head were bad enough, on the back however was a pretty significant gauge.  Big concern.  I decided to ask around and my fears were confirmed that the male was being a bit rough on the female.  In the next couple of days though, the female has gone into shed and is not showing any additional signs of stress.  I will be watching these two closely in hte next couple of days.

Feb 04, ' 12   It's been a long, cold winter and the pair have been all nestled in their beds.  Misting has been constant but feedings have been reduced to once per week and only a couple per animal.  Temps?  around 65 or so.  Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait!

Oct 28, '11  With the arrival of our latest shipment of Lygodactylus, and needing the Uroplatus tanks for these new little jewels, I decided to move the pair to a tub on our new Rach Rack.  This turned out to be the perfect enclosure as I wanted to cool them down a bit and provide more space then the 10 gallon tank (their new one will be about 30 gallons).  I will winter the pair in their new digs, maybe they will be setup permanently here.  Oh, by the way, no eggs when I took down their 10 gallon enclosure. 

Sept 15, '11 Checked the enclosure (male and female are together) and no eggs. I did see a bit of shed on the female so I will increase mistings now that we are moving out of Summer and into the Fall.

Aug 19, '11 Checked the females enclosure. No eggs. I believe, as I've been told that they do so well together, that I will keep the female with the male for an extended period of time. Moved the female back in with the male.

JULY 8, '11 Moved the female back to her own enclosure. Julie had mentioned that she would be fine staying with the male but I decided it would be easier for to monitor separated. I'll be watching for egg development (fingers crossed) in the next few weeks.

JUNE 19, '11 Talked to Julie through FB. She told me they are already breeding size (I thought I would have to wait till next year. So, tonight I put them together. No activity right away but I'm sure once the lights go out I am sure the sparks will fly.
Uroplatus pair together

JUNE '11  A plant (pathos) has been added to each enclosure. I believe this will help a bit with the humidity. They seem to really like 3/4 inch crickets.  Note, this animal's common name is the Spear Point Leaf Tail Gecko.

MAY '11 Maintaining the animals. They are doing well with misings every other evening. So far so good.

APRIL '11  Purchased the pair from Julie. She was most helpful in explaining their care but, being super busy at the show and picking up another Uroplatus for Kyle, I forgot pretty much everything she told me other than 'keep humidity high and keep them cooler'.   So off to research I went.  Here are a few notes....

Native to northern Madagascarand surrounding islands, rainforests.  Size- 3.5 to 4 in.  Appearance resembles dead leaves.

Temps & Humidity- 65-78 day with a drop at night. Humidity around 75%-80%

Feeding- Crickets as a staple, supplemented with calcium/multi vitamin

Enclosure- 1-2 can be kept in a 10 gallon aquarium

So, based off this information, I brought them home, set them up in 2 separate 10 gallon tanks decorated the same- peat moss with sphagnum moss on top, cleaned branches, plastic big leaved plants with a florescent light on top. Temps will be kept in the low 70s with a drop of about 5 degrees at night. I'll feed dusted crickets and mist every evening.


Uroplatus ebenaui male

Uroplatus ebenaui female

Uroplatus ebenaui Male Uroplatus ebenaui Female




Uroplatus ebenaui male and female



Uroplatus ebenaui setup

Uroplatus ebenaui setup



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