Every year for over 25 years, baseball cracker jacksI have taken the baseball's opening day off of work.  My wife makes brats, buys peanuts and crackerjacks, and decorates the family room full of baseball decor.  It's a special day as the first game usually starts at 11 am and the last of the 4 games ends around 11 pm.  Am I a baseball fan?  You know it!  Below are the Top 10 activities I will be doing-

1.  I will Signon to my work Email and see all the tasks that I am not doing a thing about… and close my work Email as quickly as possible.

2.  Wad up a piece of paper and throw it at the TV because I’m upset that someone on my favorite team struck out. Log in to the computer- check to see how my fantasy team is doing- wad up a piece of paper, and throw it at the computer.

3.  Eat way too many salty peanuts.  Have a brat for lunch… swear because the ketchup burns my lips from all the salty peanuts.

baseball and peanuts

4.  Wish I were tailgating on opening day instead of watching the games on TV.  Walk outside to get the mail in 32 degree weather and run back inside because it is so cold out.

5.  Reminisce about the cubs playing in Japan 12 years ago and think about all the good thoughts like Sammy Sosa and the great expectations about the cubbies in 2000.  Then remember that Oakland and Seattle played a week ago and quickly realize how truly uneventful that game was and that I fell asleep in the 5th inning.

6.  Hear a home run call some time during the day and hear the echo of "HEY HEY" and "HOLY COW" then remember how much I miss Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray.

Jack Brickhouse baseball   Harry Caray Baseball


7.  Check my the standings of my fantasy league after the first set of MLB games. Do a quick fist pump as my team is in first place. Check my fantasy league after the second set of MLB games. Look at all my players to trade them.

8.  Think about the 45 MLB opening days in a row I've watched and realize how very very old I really am...... Realize it will be another 45 more opening days I will have to watch before my beloved Chicago Cubs win the WS.

9  Thank my wife for putting together the beautiful spread of food and decorations for the 25 some year in a row.

10.  Remember sometime during the day that my mother and I would watch baseball games when I was a kid and use to write down the score at the end of every single Cub game in the back of her big Bible- and miss her so much....... I will then pick up our granddaughter Cristal, hold her in my arms while watching a baseball game, and keep the Kern tradition going.baseball father and daughter

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