Two and a half years ago, we started a project called The Most Underrated Gecko.  This is a sister project to Oliver Kuepper's RawDog Reptiles' wonderful project called 52 Week Countdown of the Coolest Species being Kept in Captivity.   The goal was to highlight one gecko each week for the entire year of 2012-  introduce the hobbyist keeping more common animals like leopard and crested geckos to something different in the gecko world.


A list of notable breeders was assembled, requests sent late in 2011, and we had a great response.  Enough to kick off the project right away in 2012.  Each week we published another article.  Sometimes covering the same species by multiple authors, but mostly we featured new species week after week.  And, while we did not reach our 1 gecko/week goal, 22 articles were published!  So well received that the collection has received over 32,000 views!  I get Emails constantly asking for more species.


Here is a link to the index-


Today, we pick up where we left off and start The Most Underrated Gecko series once again.  Can we add 24 geckos to make this a full years worth of information?  Maybe but most importantly we will be introducing geckos, that breeders are truly keeping today, to the average hobbyist.


PS-   As articles are published, we will be doing giveaways occasionally  (until The 12 Days of Christmas giveaway of course).  Make sure you check back here often, or on the Supreme Gecko Fan page!  If you would like to donate a special 'gecko related'  gift for the even, please contact me.


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