Shipping Terms Animals-  can be shipped door-to-door for approximately $30.00, packaging included. Currently we do not offer international shipping. We can ship Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday weather permitting- we will not ship if the expected temperature is less than 38 or greater than 90, is dependent on the individual animals needs, and is total at our discression.  Shipping is USPS next day.  You can request other methods (there may be differences in pricing).  I will attempt to ship at your convenience and work with your schedule. Typically I ship during the warmer daytime hours in winter and at night for summer shipments to avoid heat stress.  Shipment tracking information will be sent via email for tracking purposes prior to shipping or immediately after. Since we are located in WI we sometimes have extreme weather conditions.  We will use our discretion when it comes to shipping during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter.  Animals will be shipped with heat/cold packs as necessary.

Shipping Address - It is imperative that your correct address be supplied in full on every purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. Please double check the address you communicate to us!

Method of Payment - Payment is to be made in full prior to shipping by way of PayPal (preferred method, you do not need a PayPal account to complete this), personal check, bank check, money order, credit card (pre-order notification is required in this case) etc.   Personal checks must clear our bank before shipment takes place.

Ship Schedule - Shipping animals can be a bit stressful to them.  It must be emphasized here that we will take all steps necessary to make this transfer as comfortable to the animals as we possibly can.  In that regard, we avoid shipping animals in extreme cold or hot weather.  In these circumstances, purchased animals will be cared for just as any other animal at Supreme Gecko.  Shipments will be scheduled for early/mid week with Friday/Saturday/Sunday deliveries avoided.

Hold Policy - We will hold any animal for you with a 25% deposit (we will work out a reasonable timeframe that is fair for you and for Supreme Gecko).  At that time, the animal will be marked "Hold".  If after the arranged time period has expired and the animal is not paid for in full the animal will go back up for sale and the deposit will be offered as a credit to a future purchase.  We will work with you in every situation as long as you stay in contact through either emails or Facebook.

Pricing - The prices on this site are based on market value.  Prices are subject to change.  Package pricing does exist on certain specimens depending on availability.  Please contact us regards these matters, we are happy to discuss them with you.

Guarantee - We guarantee our animals to arrive healthy and properly identified.  We guarantee that all animals are sexed properly unless otherwise noted.  Upon receipt of your shipment, the contents should be examined immediately.  In the unlikely event of a shipping problem resulting in damage or mortality, the following steps should be taken: 1 - Alert the shipping agent immediately and obtain a statement/signature of their inspection and verification of the problem. 2 - Contact me immediately and describe the nature of the problem. 3 - Do not destroy or dispose of any deceased animals without my approval.  I reserve the right to require verification through time-stamped and dated photography, veterinary or shipping agent statement, or to have the deceased animal returned to me at my expense to potentially qualify for replacement or refund.  If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours.  We are committed to providing you with the service that you deserve.  No question is too simple for us to answer.  We want your business experience with us to be positive and successful.

**All guarantees on Door-to-Door shipments are VOID if no one is present to sign for the package at time of delivery**

Gecko Tails - Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the integrity of the gecko's tail upon arrival or afterward.  Geckos do drop their tails, sometimes for no reason at all.  However, I've also shipped many geckos and find this to be an extremely rare occurrence.

Sexing Policy - All animals sold are determined to be unsexed unless otherwise marked specifically as a Male or Female.  When we sell an animal as a Male or Female, we will stand behind that animal!  If you determine within 2 days that the animal is not what we sold it as, we will replace the animal or issue a credit immediately.

Information on ordering - For more information regarding our Shipping Terms please contact us.

Thank you!

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