Late Night Leo

In December 2013 late one Saturday night, I joined Destiny Godin Haney and Morgan 'ThorGecko' Beebe on their radio show Late Night Leo hosted by Blog Talk Radio.  

I've been tuning into Blog Talk Radio for years, downloading radio shows on sports, business, social media, and of course reptiles.  There are so many great programs from Leopard Geckos to Boas to Herping to current issues in the hobby.  I download then listen at work (at lunch of course).

Years ago, LNL existed, provided great shows with top of the hobby guests but then disappeared.  Morgan has purchased the show and revived it in a big way.  Way to go Morgan!

I had a blast on this Saturday as Destiny co-hosted and offered up some great questions.   I mentioned to Morgan before the show that I would probably go about an hour (sometimes the show goes 2).  We chatted about micro geckos, crested geckos, leos, and everything inbetween.  I felt I was rambling at times but felt comfortable talking about what we are doing at Supreme Gecko.  So comfortable, by the time I checked the clock to see if an hour had passed, we were almost done with BOTH hours!  

Again, thank you Destiny and Morgan for making me feel at home.  Keep up the great work with LNL and I hope to listen live more in the future.

Click Late Night Leo with Supreme Gecko to listen


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