What do you do when one of your most beloved animals turns up missing?

For breeding purposes, we have 4 males that are lucky enough to move between groups of females. Red Bull is one of these 4. He spends his time romancing 3 sets of females-Lucy, a set of 3 identical Red females, and one Pinstripe. He spends 3-4 days in each enclosure, then mossies over to the next 'encounter'. We move the males in and out as well as a tag on the front of the females' enclosure to indicate where the male currently resides.

This weekend, while cleaning and moving crested geckos, I went into Lucy's enclosure to see if I could persuade Red Bull into visiting the Red Ladies. After shuffling the decor around a bit, realized he man of the house was nowhere to be found. "Ah, perhaps I move him without moving the tag", I encouraged myself. Over to the other two enclosures and, after some frantic investigation, no Red Bull. As of today, Red Bull is MIA.

Keep your hopes up as Nanette, miss Detail Oriented, has been tasked with finding the AWOL gecko. I am sure he will show up shortly...... wow is it difficult typing this with my fingers crossed!


UPDATE!!!  We have found Red Bull. I feel like such a clutz!  Nanette went down stairs when after I finally admitted that I could not find Red Bull. She went to the tank with the note marking that he was in the tank, pulled out the driftwood and plastic plants. After a moment, she mentioned that he HAD to be in the enclosure somewhere. On the ground, there is a black plastic hide. I KNOW I CHECKED UNDER THIS HIDE!!! She pulled it up and there was Lucy. Nanette asked if this was Red Bull. I pointed out the difference but, as she held the little black hide I could see that we had found Red Bull! Plastered on the top of the hide, up-side-down, was the Hide and Go Seek master!

Nice to have you back Red Bull.... guess I will need to be a bit more careful in the future.


Red Bull crested gecko



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