gecko bites


Occasionally, I will be posting questions and my answered from Emails I receive.

Here is one that I have had several times.

"My leopard gecko has always allowed me to pick her up. She has been aggressive toward other family members but not toward me, until recently. Now, she even bites at me every time I try to pick her up! How do I stop her from biting?"

That is really odd that he would be so defensive.  Unfortunately, the more they feel they can get away with biting, the more they do it.

There are a couple of little tricks-
Always pick Mr Cindy up from the side, never from on top. Touch the animal first, let it jump a little, it may even turn around and sniff your finger but don't back down. Give it a couple of seconds then 'scoop' it up from underneath.

If he has an open mouth, treat him just like a child- if you pick him up he will bite. You can do a couple of things instead- use a spray bottle and spray into his mouth. This is harmless and he'll get the message right away. If you have a mealworm handy, put that in his mouth. He cannot bite if he's eating  :)

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