You know already my fascination with this genus  (see recent article-  New Paroedura Shipment).  I'm now keeping six different Paroedura species.  I am sure you are wondering why.  It's simple, they are fascinating.

The genus Paroedura is mostly small geckos (under 6 inches in length), have few requirements, and are all cute, curious little geckos.  From the superstar of the group-  Paroedura masobe to the well know P. pictus (P. picta) they all have their own unique qualities and are a pleasure to keep.

Thursday of this week, our shipment of 2 more species came in-  P. vazimba and P. sp. (an undescribed species).  While excited about having the opportunity to work with both, I was really excited about finally getting to work with P. vazimba.  These are so cool.  They look to be very closely related to P. androyensis (one of my absolute favorite geckos).  The undescribed specie, well I will have to see how this one works out.  It would be a blast to see babies this coming year. 

As an important note-  I have found my favorite breeder to order these wonderful animals and many other unique, rare species of geckos from-  Jon Boone.  He is a great guy and a wealth of information.  You can find him advertising on Geckos Unlimited and at  Jon Boone


Paroedura vazimba Paroedura vazimba Paroedura species
Paroedura vazimba Paroedura vazimba Paroedura sp.



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