Raptor Leopard Gecko - Raptor morph



The SHTCT line of leopard geckos will always have a special place in my heart and in our facility.   However, my first experience with the Raptor morph (Red-eyed, Albino, Patternless, Tremper, ORange) convinced me that this morph is the Most Underrated morph of leopard geckos.

About 4 years ago, we purchased a 1.1 pair of het Raptors from Kelli Hammond of HISS.  Once they were large enough to breed, we put them together and received our first eggs a few weeks later.  Fingers crossed for at least one full Raptor during the season (hoping for 8-10 eggs).  I was so surprised when the first two eggs laid finally hatched out and turned out to BOTH be Raptors!  I feel the orange Raptor with those devil red eyes is so striking.  Work with them yourself and you will be forever hooked!

Wally Kern

Supreme Gecko



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