Eurydactylodes agricolae & vieillardi


We first came across Eurydactylodes about 5 years ago, since we were already keeping Rhacodactylus, we were reading about other New Caledonian geckos. echo



They looked nice, but at that moment we were more interested in other geckos. About 2 years ago we did some more research on them and started to like how they looked.

We decided to start with 2.2 E. agricolae and 1.2 E. vieillardi and since then we are thrilled about them. They are such cool geckos!

First of all, they think that are pretty huge and scary theirselves. When you come close to them, they will make themselve bigger and sometimes even hiss.echo2

They are also aboreal, but since they are so small (only 13-15 cm total) they really have to be able to hug the branch they are on.

We are now keeping 3.3 of both species at the moment and we really adore this little tree huggers.

We can recommend them to everyone!

man 2

With kind regards/Met vriendelijke groet,edgar 3

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