When most people think of New Caledonian geckos they automatically think of one of the iconic Rhacodactylus species and for good reason, they are one of the most widely kept genus of geckos in the world.  However, New Caledonia is also home to the ever expanding Bavayia geitanagenus of geckos known as Bavayia.  

Smaller than Rhacodactylus, they inhabit nearly every corner of New Caledonia as well as surrounding islands.  Despite their reputation of being small drably colored geckos that flee at the slightest disturbance, I have found over the past seven years that these geckos are very interesting captives and can be very entertaining to watch in a naturalistic vivarium.  They display a variety of colorations; B. geitana is one of the most colorful species I keep and is anything but drab.  B. robusta is also a favorite of mine mainly due to the large size its capable of reaching, with adults capable of exceeding over 20 grams in weight.  

These geckos can be maintained very similar to Rhacodactylus, I keep mine at the same temperature regamine and feed them the same diet as my Rhacodactylus.  They readily eat Crested Gecko Diet in addition to small insects.  You can also keep a small colony of these geckos in the same size tank as you would a single crested gecko, making these geckos great for anybody with space limitations.  Breeding is about as difficult as breeding a crested gecko, and I have even hatched a number of them inside the terrarium.  Bavayia geitana

So whether you are an experienced gecko keeper or somebody who is just looking for something different than the latest crested gecko morph, Bavayia can be an interesting and rewarding captive to keep.

Derek Dunlop

DD Reptiles


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