Gonatodes vittatus



After having the pleasure of working with leopard geckos and crested geckos for several years (nocturnal geckos), I found a certain pleasure keeping my first non-Phelsuma day gecko Gonatodes vitattus.Gonatodes vittatus male  Not only are they attractive with the skunk white stripe down their entire dorsal, they are always active, even when all other geckos in the facility are sound asleep.

My pair of G. vittatus were purchased from Phil Tremper in early 2011 and wereplaced in a 3 gallon cube glass tank with a screen top.  This is perfect for this tiny, 1.5 inch geckos.  Decorated with slate and a pathos plant they feel comfortable enough to gobble up tiny crickets and wingless fruit flies- they seem like they are always hungry.  A misting a day to half the tank and they are all set.  If you are looking for a fun, active gecko, look no further than these Central-South American Gonatodes vittatus.

Wally Kern

Supreme Gecko

gonatodes vittatus female      gonatodes setup


(photos by the author)


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