Cyrtodactylus pulchellus



I am torn between Goniurosaurus hainanenis and Cyrtodactylus pulchellus. Both are great breeders if kept right.  The Goni's (cave geckos aka Chinese leopards) are probably a better choice for beginners seeing how they are a ground gecko.

But in recent years I've noticed this one is gaining some momentum with other hobbyists.  I would have to say its the Cyrtodactylus pulchellusthe Malaysian Banded-Bent Toe Gecko that is much more underrated.  These are really cool and prove to be great captives for anyone who is skilled with arboreal species. Males of this species can be very vocal at times. Breeding them is not too hard.  Just to have monitor their behavior and make sure they are compatible. Their eggs are brittle-hard shell, and they bury their eggs.  The eggs don't need any special incubator.   I keep all the egg containers at room temp (73-78) on shelves in my basement.   They usually take about 150 days to hatch.  They are a highland gecko so the year round tempts should not go over 80 degrees.  Misting is done twice daily.  Feeding is done 3-4 times a week for adults and daily for juveniles.  They only eat insects and snails and will sometimes take pinky mice as adults.

Jim McDermott 

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(gecko photo by the author)


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