Nephrurus levis levis - Smooth knobtail gecko



Smooth knobtail geckos come from Australia and like an arid or semi-arid climate and a habitat with sand or rocks. Nephrurus levis levisThey are best kept quite hot in a terrarium with some form of heat and a good place to dig around or hide. I really liked this species because of their size and because it was something different.

We typically keep sub-tropical arboreal species, and this one was totally different than anything we had before. It's huge bright green eyes, big thick tail, and coloration are so beautiful. They are really interesting how they dig...they can tunnel very well and when they do, they throw the cool sand up onto their own backs. I'd like to work with more Nephrurus in the future when I can focus on them and have a room dedicated just to hot species.

Kyle and Krystal Salzmann

Gekkonidazed Geckos





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