Diplodactylus damaeus



A few years ago I started my collection of Australian geckos with Diplodactylus damaeus.  They all turned out to be Diplodactylus damaeumfemales but have been fun animals to manage and care for.  One of the most appealing features of these little geckos is their almost fearless attitude.  Not to say they are aggressive, they just don’t show any concern when I work with them- moving hides, adding food or water.  They actually trot over to my hand to check out what I am doing.

Purchased years ago from Kingsnake they are housed in a 15 qt tub.  Their size is about 2.5 inches.  Decor consists of overturned plant saucers and a small container with a hole on the side with a peat moss/sand mix that is kept damp.  Add sand as a substrate and a shallow water dish and the setup is complete.  Feed small dusted crickets and mealworms every other day.  They are that easy!

Wally Kern






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