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While I have a number of gecko species that I greatly enjoy for their unique characteristics or personalities, when I think of “underrated” geckos,  I think of geckos that deserve to be more popular in the hobby.  To me, this eliminates certain species that are delicate or have specialized care requirements that could lead to frustration or disappointment for a keeper hoping to add a new species.

So, I will recommend Nephrurus milli as an underrated gecko that is well suited for the gecko keeper who has kept one Nephrurus milli 1of the common starter species and is looking for something new and interesting to add to their collection.

Nephrurus milli, commonly known as Australian Barking Geckos or Australian Thick-tailed geckos, were previously classified as Underwoodisaurus milli.  The name change is quite recent, so many resources still refer to this gecko by the older name.  The reclassification into the Nephrurus genus places this gecko with the group commonly known as the "knobtail geckos" such as Nephrurus levis, Nephrurus wheeleri, and Nephrurus amyae.  The milli may lack the short  "knob tail" of these others, but is very similar in many other ways. Nephrurus milli are fairly common in a wide variety of habitats in a band covering much of Southern Australia.  While they may be found in the sorts of arid habitats common to other members of the Nephrurus group, they can also be found in habitats that are more moist and temperate than those favored by the other members of this genus.

I have found Nephrurus milli to be a species that is easy to keep and breed.  They are not an extremely shy species andNephrurus milli 2 tolerate some handling.  They feed readily on crickets, small roaches, and mealworms.  The hatchlings are relatively robust and thrive in simple shoebox setups.  The big dark eyes of these geckos make them among the “cutest” of gecko hatchlings I have produced.  This species is fairly available in the hobby and are reasonably priced.

So, if you have some basic experience in keeping geckos and would like to try your hand at something a little different, Nephrurus milli, with their attractive appearance and easy going attitude is an excellent candidate.


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