Hemidactylus imbricatus - Viper Gecko 



When Wally asked me to write about my most underrated gecko species it was hard to decide.  The thing is, all of the species I keep are because I think they are underrated. What could I write about? The cat geckos?  The bynoe's geckos?  The viper geckos?

After a bit of coercion I decided to go with the viper gecko.  Sarah recently wrote a great article discussing the species on my blog, Gecko Time (http://www.geckotime.com/viper-gecko-hemidactylus-imbricatus/).

The viper geckos is a wonderful species that I kept years ago, and recently started breeding again in the last year.  They produce upwards of 20 clutches per year, and males can be housed together with no aggression.  I keep 2.4 in a 20 viper geckolong with sand substrate, inverted plant basins as hides, and some cork bark.  This species will explore and climb on anything you give them.  These aren't a rack gecko, keep the out so that you can enjoy their personalities, calm nature, and ferocious eating habits.

Recently, due to what I expect is a lack in genetic diversity, captive bred babies have had a high mortality rate.   As breeders work to outcross their bloodlines, and we see new bloodlines enter the US, I am confident this problem will be eliminated.  An email correspondence with Jon Boone (www.jonboone.com) has shown that progress is being made in this area.  Be careful though, females will lay themselves to death if you don't keep an eye on them and keep their calcium supplements high.

viper gecko 2

Matthew Kammerer





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