Nephrurus levis levis - Smooth knobtail gecko



The Smooth Knob Tailed Gecko (Nephrurus levis levis) is a mid-sized terrestrial Gecko from Australia.  There is some debate on the taxonomy, while most American keepers classify them as: Nephrurus levis levis, Nephrurus levis Nephrurus levis levisoccidentalis and Nephrurus levis pilbarensis. Many European keepers dismiss occidentalis entirely.

Knob Tailed Geckos have been a real joy to work with.  Although small when compared to Varanids, their voracity towards food and quirky behavior can become quite endearing.  Generally when stalking their prey (crickets or dubia) they take on a "cat-like" stance slowly stalking behind their soon to be food.  The entire time this is happening their "knob" at the end of their tail is wagging absurdly almost as a sign for how pinned up with excitement they are internally.

We have found all three Smooth Knob Tailed Geckos simple to maintain, breed and hatch.  Genetic diversity has been limited, which has spawned various morphs.  So far I have seen no genetic defects to be concerned with.  Nephrurus levis levis nicest in the worldAlthough arid, I see this species kept too dry too often.  Look at your animals, keep them hydrated and well fed.

Jordan Russell

 California Breeders Union


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