Homopholis wahlbergi - Wahlberg's Velvet gecko



This is a south African species of gecko that likes to hang out in dead trees of the savannah and bush lands. They are a very inquisitive gecko...always looking around and "tasting' the air. They are arboreal, and are agile enough to climb walls and glass. They are really quick, but Homopholis wahlbergi run different than a lot of geckos that I've had. Instead of the hard swishing side to side and "S" type motion that a lot of geckos make, these run more of tight line. The also have quite a bit of attitude, and show plenty of aggression. They don't hesitate to bite, or at least put on a good display and open their mouths to show their really cool black mouth.

I really like this species because of it's attitude, it's robust stature, and it's coloration. There is something about a contrasting black and white gecko that really catches my eye. They can be found with two different looks...the striped ones like I have, or ones that have a more reticulated/spotted pattern.


Kyle and Krystal Salzmann

Gekkonidazed Geckos

(photo of gecko by the author)




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