Lygodactylus grotei 

My favorite gecko in my collection would have to be Lygodactylus grotei.


What drew my attention towards them is that they are very rare in captivity.  There is only one other person that I know of in Germany (and perhaps all of Europe) that is currently working with them.

Due to their small size they need a little bit more attention than other Lygodactylus whereas their diet needs not only toLygodactylus grotei be varied, but highly varied if you want not only the offspring to hatch out of their eggs successfully, but keep the mother healthy in the long run and not just when she is laying eggs.  They also seem to prefer things a little more warmer.

They are often overlooked because they are not blue. :) Which is a shame because their inquisitiveness is quite similar to Lygodactylus williamsi!

Note: These are often referred to in the Hobby as Lygodactylus capensis pakenhami, this is wrong because imported animals did not come from the Island of Pemba.

Maureen Winter





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