Paroedura vazimba


As with most Madagascan reptiles, geckos of the genus Paroedura are outstanding to keep!  While not the most commonly sought-after genus (apart from the touchier, more expensive species like gracilis or masobe), they are extremely rewarding to keep, and very affordable relative to many other rarer species of gecko.

            Of this already awesome genus, Paroedura vazimba may be my favorite of those that I keep.  These little insect snipers are extremely easy husbandry-wise, and super enjoyable to observe during their active hours!  I provide somewhat vertically-oriented 8-10 gallon enclosures for adults, with a peat/mulch substrate, lots of cork bark, and some plants for aesthetics, and they do very well.  During the day, they use cork slab crevices or leaf litter for hiding spots.  When the lights go out, though, they go on the prowl with their inquisitive attitudes and prehensile tails to snatch up any prey that may be around.

            If you've been looking for a great species to work with that doesn't break the bank, P. vazimba tend to run around $225 USD per pair, and as low as $40 USD for a juvenile!  As hardy captives, they are WELL worth that modest investment!  You will get more enjoyment out of these than you could ever believe, and soon you'll be planning your next Paroedura species to try!

Eric Nelson


Paroedura vazimba 01     Paroedura vazimba 02

Paroedura vazimba 03     Paroedura vazimba 04

Paroedura vazimba 05     Paroedura vazimba 06

Paroedura vazimba 07     Paroedura vazimba 08

Paroedura vazimba 09     Paroedura vazimba 10



all photos by the author

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