Paroedura lohatsara



As much as I love all of my other species, there’s something particularly enjoyable about wandering into my gecko room at night, pointing a penlight into a tank, and seeing my Paroedura lohatsara staring back at me.

Small, nocturnal, and relatively hardy, these little geckos are definitely fun.

Hailing from Madagascar, the adults of this species reach a length of approximately five to seven inches from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail, or three to four inches snout to vent.  Weight falls between 11 and 14 grams when mature.  Males and females both reach about the same size, but can generally be sexed between three and six months of age with males developing a hemipenal bulge, whereas females do not.  Females may begin laying infertile eggs at approximately a year of age, without ever being paired with a male.   Hatchlings emerge from their hard shelled eggs at approximately 120 days, though this duration can vary to some extent.

These animals can be kept with a daytime ambient in the low to mid 80’s, with a basking spot slightly warmer; night time temps can drop into the mid to low 70’s are appropriate.  Misting to a 90% humidity level will help maintain proper hydration, and a mid-day reading of 45-50% provides a proper cycle for the day.  Massive tanks are no necessity for these little guys – a twenty gallon tank provides plenty of room for a pair of adult females; males should be housed separately unless in with females for breeding.

My kids can be voracious eaters, but easily overwhelmed if there is loose running prey – to counteract this, I feed all animals out of a dish – and believe me, do they chow down.  While adults can be tricky to switch over if they’ve been raised on a particular staple, hatchlings will generally go after whatever moves that they can fit into their mouth.  Crickets and/or roaches make an appropriate staple, with additional foods such as isopods, mealworms, and snails mixed in.

Kasi Krauss
Party Gecko Enterprises

 Paroedura lohatsara zip     Paroedura lohatsara dark

Paroedura lohatsara eggs      Paroedura lohatsara egg hatch

Paroedura lohatsara hand 


all photos by the author



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