[Ocelot – Panther - Madagascar ground gecko]

This small Madagascar Island gecko is clever, alert and quick; however, it is not in the least aggressive. They will escape by


running, jumping and even leaping (if required) but are very handle-able after working with them and are quite content to rest on the heel of your hand, palm or fingers (until they decide they have had enough).

There are two sizes of these “little beauties” in my collection: the normal (1-2 grams at birth and 3 to 3 1/2” adult length) (Shown) and the larger size (4 to 4 1/2+” adult length). The patterns related to the smaller size are typically either cross banded or striped; whereas, the larger size is usually striped or reticulated. I have not seen the large cross banded type as yet; however, their adult weight can top 20 grams!


Paroedura picta jim

Two variations: Normal Striped (Baby on bottom) and Normal Cross banded (Baby on top)


Note the unique head markings, patterning, toe pads, curling tails and large eyes!


Due to the fact that these guys are just adorable, affordable and easy to keep, I find they have been overlooked in the hobby for far too long. They are just fun to keep! Enjoy!


Article by: Jim P. Kaub [J. Kaub Geckos]

Northeastern Pennsylvania

All photos by the author


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