Thai Bow-Fingered Gecko / Ocelot Spotted Gecko

These geckos are one of my favorites.  Their simple care, small size, and quirky behavior


make them ideal pets for anyone looking for something new and fascinating.  Their coloration and pattern can be very striking.


They have very good appetites, and hunt down their insect prey (cricktes, roaches etc.) with gusto!  They can be handled on occasion, but very carefully.  Also these geckos cannot climb glass. You need to be aware of the branches or other structures that they can climb onto to get to the top. 


Small to medium sized enclosures such as 10-20 gal aquariums/Exo-Terra's work well.  The setup should include damp substrate of either coco fiber or peat moss mixed with sphagnum moss to help maintain humidity. Cage decor suggestions, cork bark tubes and flats, branches, live plants, rocks, all types of hides.  A misting system or daily misting  with a spray bottle is suggested.  Temps should be in the 70's; 70-75 overnight, 75-79 daytime high.  Males of this species often vocalize at night, and a female does not have to be present for this to happen.  But if one is, she could possibly chirp right back!  


Cyrtodactylus peguensis zebraicus female

Jim McDermott

All photos by the author


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