The species I have chosen is the Nephrurus amyae, commonly referred to as the Centralian rough knob tail gecko.  This is a large robust terrestrial gecko endemic to central Australia.


 It is characterized by its infamous knob tail, as well as it's extremely large head and spiny body.  In recent times these geckos have become much more affordable than when they sprung up in the hobby 10 or so years ago, giving more people the opportunity to work with such an amazing species.  


I instantly fell in love with this knob tail gecko from the first time I saw one.  Their appearance is truly impressive, and their feisty defensive demeanor makes them all the more likable.  Granted they do have a loyal following, I feel like I don't hear them being mentioned when people talk about their favorite gecko species.  For me, they have it all going for them.  They are spiny and large.  They are savage feeders, eating anything that will fit in their large mouths; including but certainly not limited to adult dubia roaches, pink rats and mice, and even scorpions!  And, on top of this, amyae are very hardy when set up properly, and they are relatively straight forward to breed.  Another nice characteristic is that amyae come in colors ranging from hypo orange, to dark brown, and they can have patterns on their heads that look really cool.



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Nephrurus amyae 01a   Nephrurus amyae 02a   Nephrurus amyae 03a


Nephrurus amyae 04a   Nephrurus amyae 05a   Nephrurus amyae 06a


Nephrurus amyae 07a


Oliver Kuepper

Raw Dog Reptiles

All photos by the author


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