Tokay geckos (Gekko gecko) are slowly growing in popularity as people are starting to notice these beautiful creatures, and


the many different color varieties you can get them in.  They are one of the largest geckos species in the world with some large males reaching over 13”.  They have very beautiful colors with many different morphs becoming available.


Tokays are very rewarding gecko to keep.  When a male and female bond they are very protective of each other and very interactive with one another.  The female lays hard shell eggs that are glued in spots where they male and female can protect the eggs.  Even after the eggs hatch the male and female will still protect the hatchlings with their life.  It is always interesting to watch a couple hatchlings run under a large male and he will sit there and bark and snap at you till you leave them alone.  That is something fairly rare in the gecko world.  It still amazes me how protective they are of their young.


During the breeding season the males have a very loud call that echoes through the house and is very soothing in my opinion, It sounds like they are saying “tokay tokay”. Tokays are nocturnal but they are also very active during the day too, which makes them a great display gecko.  I have seen lots of behaviors from these geckos that I normally do not see in other geckos.  I highly suggest keeping these geckos as you will fall in love with them very quickly.  They are still my all time favorite gecko.


Cliff Flock


Tokays guarding eggs


All photos by the author


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