Uroplatus sp. nov. aff. ebenaui (Spear-point Gecko)



The U. ebenaui are a small arboreal and nocturnal gecko.  Their native habitat range is the tropical rain forests and dry deciduous forests of Nose Be' island and the western and northern areas of Madagascar.  This species is considered endangered and is listed with CITES (the Convertion on Internantional Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora); thus requiring special documentation to inport/export.


They are known for their evil looking eyes and their tiny spear-point tails.  Their body shape and coloring/pattern camouflages them, blending them into branches ro mimicking dried leaves.  They are excellent hunters and stalk their prey with ease. 


Their personalites can be bold and curious, but they should be a hands-off species.  They are the smallest (8 cm) and most fragile of the Uroplatus species.  Proper husbandry is essential in keeping this species, so I would not recommend this species for a novice hobbyist. 


Andi Van Zant  (WWW.facebook.com/grayskyexotics)

Uroplatus ebenaui


all photos by the author


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