Among the most under-rated geckos in captive environments are Coleonyx variegatus ssp,


also known as Western Banded Geckos, which are members of the Eublepharidae (true eyelid) Family of terrestrial lizards. These little desert jewels are found in diverse localities from southern and southeastern California through the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, southern Nevada and Utah, and western Texas.

Western Banded Geckos are quite small compared to their other Eublepharid cousins, such as Leopard Geckos, African Fat-tails, etc., averaging about 2 inches in length (snout to vent), and usually don’t weigh more than 6-8 grams as adults. These treasures may be small and appear to be fragile, but they are robust little creatures that do exceptionally well in captive environments. Their care is like that of Leopard Geckos. They are voracious feeders, easy to keep in small enclosures, and will actively breed if their environmental needs are met. They are a joy to watch, and can be tamed with patience.

It’s easy to see why Banded Geckos are quickly becoming more popular among gecko enthusiasts… good things come in small packages!


Coleonyx variegatus   Coleonyx variegatus ssp 02    Coleonyx variegatus ssp 03



Marcia McGuiness Haugh

Golden Gate Geckos

all photos by the author

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