One of my favorite species in my collection is also one of the tiniest.  We call them our Scooter geckos because Pachydactylus parscutatus is a mouthful to say. 


They are a terrestrial species from Namibia.  A full grown adult female will reach a length of just 1.5 inches nose to vent.  And the eggs that they produce are smaller than a tic tac!


But these tiny little creatures are extremely bold and hearty for their size.  They prefer daytime temps between 90-100 degrees fahrenheit with a significant drop at night.  As low as upper 60's.  In the wild, they're found on rock outcrops and in rock crevices.  Their sandy coloring and darker spots help them blend into their natural desert habitat. 


As captive pets, their set - up is easy and takes up very little space.  An 8x8" cube terrarium with some sand and rocks is a perfect home for a pair of P. parascutatus.  They are voracious eaters.  And can eat small crickets, roach nymphs, and fruit flies.  Although Pachydactylus parscutatus are nocturnal, you will often see them cruising around during the day and basking on their rocks. 


And at night, the adult male has a clicking call that is remarkably loud for their minuscule size.  We often hear ours even over our TV!  P. parascutatus is still fairly rare in the pet trade but there are people working to captive breed these very underrated little geckos and make them more readily available.


Rachel Hampton (Gecko and frog enthusiast)


These are our adult breeders. Male on the right, female on the left

Pachydactylus parscutatus 01 


And this is one of our yearlings. Produced and raised at our house.

Pachydactylus parscutatus 02


The pics were taken by my boyfriend, Brett Smith 




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