Peacock day geckos (Phelsuma quadriocellata), or quads, are one of the iconic species of day geckos whose


intense colors rival those of the most colorful of their genus such as Phelsuma klemmeri and Phelsuma cepediana.  These geckos tend to be overlooked simply because they are one of the few species in its genus that are still regularly imported from their home in Madagascar.



They are quite hardy to keep, although breeding can be tricky as it requires a slight cooling at the beginning of the spring. As with all day geckos, their diurnal nature makes them great vivarium subjects.  They are considered small-medium sized day geckos, but despite their size they can be rather bold and curious.  I would never consider Phelsuma to be a hands-on group of geckos but hatchlings and even imported individuals seem to be far more tame than other species of day gecko.


I have a room full of nocturnal geckos that I rarely see as active or charming as peacock day geckos and that's one of the many reasons that makes this species one of my all-time favorites.


Tony Terradas Roc Geckos (

Photo of gecko by the author


Phelsuma quadriocellata


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