Phelsuma klemmeri-  From two isolated populations in coastal North Western Madagascar.  


Habitat consists of year round warm weather and high humidity.  Average ambient day temps year round are 83-86 F with the lowest night temps reaching 75 F being close the equator...they will bask in areas in the open up to 94 F.  They live mostly on small trees and bamboo about the girth of my forearm.  Very dorsolaterly compressed unlike most more oval or even circular body shaped Phelsuma.  They occur sympatically with Phelsuma abbotti chekei and Phelsuma seippi and juvie and baby P. klemmeri are most likely predated on by them.


For 1.2- 1.3 I use Zoomed 12x12x18s.  Substrate consists of incubation clay.  I use it with almost all of my small Phelsuma as it provides the highest sustainable humidity of any substrate.  If it dries and is visually obviously lighter in color I dump a cup of water on the clay.  It works well with smaller Uroplatus as well providing a layer of New Zealand sphagnum moss over it as most Uroplatus do the dive for my food method.  Phelsuma as a general rule are very pin point on capturing their prey.  Pothos makes a great plant to help the humidity as well.  I spray the tank daily.  UVB is a long term necessity.  I use the small Zoomed heat pad on the back wall.  The combo of the plants and multiple bamboo pieces give good visual barriers which i'm a fan of for most species.  The diet is the same as NC geckos with one exception.  If you put yogurt in it they (most if not all Phelsuma) will ignore the mix. Hit me with any questions.


Phelsuma klemmeri setup   Phelsuma klemmeri setup 02


Joe Hupp 


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