My favorite gecko breed, and one that I think is highly underrated is Teratoscincus roborowskii.


 Also known as the Frog Eyed Gecko or the Wonder Gecko.

 Teratoscincus roborowskii


    The Frog Eyed Gecko is a very inquisitive creature from the arid deserts of southwest and cental asia.  Their large, fish like scales give them a very unique look.  Their skin however is much more delicate than it appears and will slough off easily.  So, handling should be done only when necessary and as gently as possible. But these guys don't really like to be handled anyway! They tend to be somewhat aggressive and will even shake their tail and rub the large scales at the end of their tail to create a rattling sound as a warning.  They usually follow that up by leaping at the intruding hand!
    This is a terrestrial species that loves to burrow.  


    In captivity, they need deep sand/soil substrate the bottom layer of which should always be kept moist.  And any decorations in the terrarium must be secured so that they can't collapse into a burrow and injure your gecko.  Plus, this is an extremely active species and in captivity, they will completely rearrange their entire habitat daily.  And it's tons of fun to watch them dig!


    Rachel Hampton
    (gecko & frog enthusiast)
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