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Shelby Perry    Shelby Perry Corgi

Shelby Perry

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, hobby, business- including what type of herps you keep, why do you keep them, why did you first start keeping them?

My name is Shelby Perry. I'm from Mount Vernon, WA. I go by Astonishing geckos on facebook. I own crested geckos, I have 16 of them. I really enjoy how easy they are to take care of and their color spectrum.

The first show that i attended I wasn't into geckos at all actually. I went with my brother to help him find tarantulas. I was walking around with my sister-inlaw and overheard a guy talking about this gecko that didn't need heat lamps. I stopped what I was doing and moved on over to listen to the guy. That's when I saw a crested gecko for my first time. Sounds simple to take care of. So after the show I started doing my homework and reading up on the little guys. After a month went by I got my first gecko and now I have 16. Thanks brother for taking me to that show. I've met a lot of amazing people and seen a lot of amazing animals.

2. Do you enjoy other, non reptile hobbies or activities?

I'm a big fan of X-men and Transformers, and Magic The Gathering.

3. Most exciting thing that has happened in your life so far?

Probably when I got my first Halloween Harlequin. I got her when she was only 5 grams and now she's 40 grams. I felt like a got a trophy. I only seen one once at a show and then a couple months later I picked one up at a petstore was just amazed on how bright orange she was when I saw her. At that point there is no going back, had to get her. She was my first gecko that I bought at 5 grams. She's a beauty and a work of art.

4. Do you have a couple breeders that have inspired you in the past?

There's a good handful of breeders out there that have caught my eyes. Rami from Nova Reptiles, Saille from Sazilla Geckos, Hailey from IDgecko. They have helped me the most out of everyone that I've met in the gecko world.

5. Can you share one of your favorite helpful tips on herp care?

Well one thing I've noticed out of the shows that I attend is that no one provides a care sheet. They just give word of mouth. Everyone elses care is very different but also along the same lines. A lot of people that come to shows are people that breed already but there's always that new person who see's a reptile and wonders about how hard they're hard to take care of.

6. Where do you mostly get your information from?

I mostly get a lot of my information on pangea and from my Pacific Northwest gecko enthusiasts group on facebook.

7. What are your plans for 2014?

Well I have these two crested geckos that I would like to pair up because they've got some huge crowns. I'm calling it the "Royalty"

8. Where do you see the hobby in 10 years?

I hope to see different morphs/mutations for crested geckos, like Zero on pangea. That stuff always makes me curious to see if there's something hidding that we all can't see.

9. What's your favorite morph/local in the herps you keep?

Harlequins in crested geckos. I love all that pattern that they have and colors that they show. They're simply amazing.

10. What is your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie is Short Circuit. I've always been a huge fan of robots and puppetering.


Shelby Perry    Shelby Perry


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#4 Kathy Bauer 2014-06-18 04:52
Good information. Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon).
I've saved it for later!
#3 David B. 2014-01-18 08:29
This is totally awesome, and another reason why Supreme Gecko is great. You are so dedicated to the entire hobby, not just reptiles, but the people in it as well.
#2 Candice Marie 2014-01-12 09:37
Wally this is such a wonderful thing you are doing. It s amazing that you take time to feature hobbyists and interview them I know Shelby personally and I think he is a wonderful person and you definitely chose a great man to feature!
#1 charles maresh 2014-01-12 08:13
You never stop amazing me Wally. When most just want to be all about them, you are all about the animals, people and the health of the hobby. Hello Shelby. Thanks for your tip on doing care sheets. I will go back to having them. I didn't do last year. I will say I watch that movie so many times I kill that tape. Number 5, he's a live... :P