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Dan Thomas - Animal House Pets & Supplies

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, hobby, business- including what type of herps you keep, why do you keep them, why did you first start keeping them?

We (Animal House Pets & Supplies) opened up on Dec 1st 2015 and are located in Mukwonago Wisconsin, currently only me running the store with help from family every so often. We are located only on facebook, a website possibly soon to come, and have many different reptiles, small animals, fish, and birds. Personally I work with the Rhacodactylus geckos, mainly Leachianus, and as of more recently the Oedura geckos.

2. What got you started in the reptile hobby, who was your mentor- who did you looked up to when you started?

A friend took me with him to Captive Bred Specialties in Waukesha to get food for his dragons, and I liked the atmosphere of the store so I constantly kept going back. I started talking to Ryan and the others over there every time I was in, was introduced to the reptile shows, and from there just took off. I learned from the gang at Captive Bred and just following some of the larger people in the hobby, and more recent, really talking with & learning from Ryan McVeigh of Zilla.

3. What do you special in- (specific product/specific animal produced)? 

In the store we specialize in reptiles & small animals. Personally I work with Rhacodactylus geckos, really pushing with Leachianus and have acquired a few really nice pairs and produced a few nice geckos with lots more to come this year. And thanks to Ryan McVeigh I am now into the Oedura geckos, which are a fantastic and interesting species that I hope, do well with me.

4. Do you have any suggestions/tips for those hobbyists just getting started?

Research and ask 1000 questions before you get anything, and don't choose an animal just because it's the cheapest.

5. What makes your company special/ stand out (special message you would like to communicate ) why should people purchase from you. Anything else you would like to add?

We like to make sure we are knowledgeable on the care for every animal we sell & tell you about that animal and be able to answer questions instead of handing you a care sheet, or not knowing about the animals we are selling.

6. What are your plans for the future?

In the future I'd like to have a store large enough that I am able to carry ALL necessities for every animal along with many other things for them. Id like to have it large enough to have many types of animals, with room to make sure I am able to diversify and always have something new.

7. What is the most frustrating thing about what you do?

The most frustrating thing about what I do is that I’m not able to watch every single animal that goes out my door and check in on them to make sure they are taken care of properly. The only thing I am able to do is inform the person about the animal, tell them everything they need to do, and just hope they care for it as if I was caring for it.

8. Where do you see the hobby in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to see advancement in the care we can provide for the animals. I see the hobby still fighting for everyone's rights to own ALL types of animals. I see reptiles becoming the number 2 pets after dogs& cats, hope it is more common and "normal" for people to own a reptile, or house full.

9. Where do you mostly get your information from (either research or daily tidbits)?

I get a lot of my information online like most people do now days, but I do make it a habit to ask around to the more experienced keepers and any keepers in general just to get different opinions and first hand advise.

10. What is your favorite movie?

I do not have a single favorite movie, but do have a single favorite series of movies which is Marvel. Any comic book hero related movie I am at the week it comes out. The action, story, and just differences from the actual comics make it a good story to follow especially when they bring all the different hero movies together. I like how it shows that a bunch of smaller pieces are all a part of a much larger picture.


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