We need your help and it will only take about 2 minutes. Could you visit the survey link below and let us know how we are doing?  This will help us focus on the things you would like to see us improve upon.  Thanks you so much!

Editor's Note-  UPDATE, the survey is officially closed.  Thank you again everyone for participating.  What a response!  Double what I expected!   Below are the results.  I was pleasantly surprised by the answers and will include comments where I can-

Do you know who Supreme Gecko is?  

2% had no clue, 28% sort of know us, 70% really know us.  Gotta work on that 30%!  Any suggestions?


Where have you had contact with Supreme Gecko?  

About a third of everyone answered Reptile show, SG website, Email/Newsletter.  A whopping 90% answered FaceBook!  Some other neat answers- The giveaway, at our home, and our appearances on BlogTalkRadio


 I think Supreme Gecko's main focus is on.......  

Everyone answered Education and animal care, EXCEPT 2 people that answered Make The Big Bucks.  Nothing short of 100% is acceptable here.  I will personally work on this in 2014 as my main focus.


 I have purchased from SG-  

60% have and 40% have not.  Very cool that we have supplied animals/supplies to 60% of the participants.


 I think SG's knowledge on the animals they care for is (scale 1-5)-

Everyone answered in the 4-5 range (split exactly evenly).  Good to hear that we are considered this knowledgeable.


 Supreme Gecko's animals are (Healthy, Great Size, Wonderful Colors, Fairly priced).  

I wanted to get a feel for everyone's perception of the animals we have in our collection and for sale).  Again on a scale of 1-5, each answer averaged about 4.5.  Interestingly 1 person checked Strongly Disagree on each.  This is a bit concerning and sounds like we should really look at this issue in the future.


 Other than animals, what do you enjoy the most from SG (Newsletter, Info, Videos, Other)?  

Great responses from this question-  Info(articles) came in at 70% and all others at about 30%.  Some great Other responses-  Talking to Wally,  Facebook updates, Accessibility for questions, Honesty, Knowledge and patience.  This means so much to me to hear.


 Favorite Feature on the SG website (Most Underrated Gecko, Meet The Hobbyist, Featured Advertiser, 12 Supreme Days of Christmas, Other)?  

WOW!  Surprise, I really felt the 12 Days would overwhelm this category but each feature ranked between 20-30% [other than Featured Advertiser, which was 0 and points that I need to work harder at this]. Others people like?  Caresheets, Pictures, and several "all features but it only allowed me to pick one".


 What best describes Wally Kern on FaceBook-  

Post Just Enough, Should Post More Geckos, Stop Posting So Many Geckos, Should Post More Personal Info, Stop Posting So Much Personal Info, We Don't Care What You Had For Lunch.  Huge siding to Just Enough and Post More Gecko Stuff. 1 person selected 'Stop Posting So Much Gecko Stuff'..... What!  Really?


 Let us know how you feel about the Supreme Gecko Web Store?  

I was really interested in these answers and looking to see where I could improve the store. For the answers Post more animals, and Post more products, the answers suggest that we are either right on the money or we should post more animals and products.  For Make the Checkout Process Easier, nearly everyone noted that it is just fine.  Surprised me a bit.


Again, I really appreciate the time everyone took to do the survey.  I will lwork on a couple of issues and look for improvements in 2014, then reissue the survey again next year to see how we did.   If you have another suggestion I may have missed in the survey, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.  Thank you again.

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