Leopard Gecko Rack



Three weeks ago, I started turning up the heat and extending the room lighting hours. A couple weeks ago, I started offering more food, including a few waxworms. All enclosures have been scrubbed clean and fresh mealworm cups and fresh water dishes have been added to each gecko's tank. Their hides are all filled with new vermiculite and the Leopard gecko Breeding season has begun.

The goal is to add a few grams here and there on the females before introducing the males. Even though the females are all mostly around 60-70 grams, it doesn't hurt to start them off on the right foot. I'm a computer geek as you may know so when it was time to weigh all the females and males, all the info went right into a spreadsheet and all the females color coded to the male they will be going with this year.

New and old projects abound with our 2011 season. Our carrot tail like will be our staple again this year as we will produce the most babies from them. The Reverse, Raptor, and Mack Super Snow lines will also see a number youngsters produced. A few other 'hopeful' suprises will be on the way as well.

Our incubators are quietly empty for now and the Supreme Hatch Material awaits. In about a month, we should have all males cycled through the females and should start seeing little white objects in the lay boxs.  It's a fun time of the year for us, that's for sure!




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