Most Underrated Geckos - Week 18 Tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacolae

Tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacolae 



found this species by accident when I walked in a reptile store who also imports reptiles.  While I was walking through the different viv's I noticed a very small gecko with nice colours and pattern in one of them.  This was the first time I saw T. persicus euphorbiacolae.  They were sold as T. helenae as happens often.Tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacolae

I bought 10 animals to make sure I had a nice group to start with.  From the first time I saw them I fell in love with this species not only do they look amazing their behaviour is also fantastic.

They behave like most Tropiocolotes sp , waving tails , singing like a bird and very active.  One year after I got them I managed to breed them , it is one of the first times that this species was bred in captivity.  Unfortunately they are very rare and are almost never imported.  This made it impossible for me to find new bloodlines and after 3 years of breeding they died (I assume of old age).

I've been looking for this species for a few years now without success but I keep hoping that I find them again.  Perhaps when I walk into a reptile store ...tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacolaet

Rob D'heu






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