You are doing the best for your crested gecko by feeding it the MRP diet. But, how long should you keep the food in the enclosure?

Our schedule is feeding the MRP diet every other day (evenings of course). We prepare the diet, fill the dishes, and strart putting them in the enclosures. First we take out the old dish and add the new dish. So, the dished will then stay in the enclosure until the next feeding, two days later.

A couple tricks we've learned-
1. On the day we do not feed, we mist the enclosure and make sure we add a bit of water to the food dish. This will soften up the mix and allow another opportunity for those geckos that like a little snack between full meals.
2. If the food is moulding, it probably means the enclosure is not drying out inbetween mistings and should be misted less frequently.



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How to Prepare the MRP






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