Your crested geckos are now about 6-8 months old and you naturally want to know their sex- do you have a male or a female. How do you tell? Of course you can take him or her to a pet store but will they really know the difference (some are very knowledgeable but others not so much). You can wait and take it to a reptile show, but you want to know now! Below, I've outlined a few simple things you can look for determine if you have a male or a female crested gecko.


How to Sex a Crested Gecko


The older the gecko, the more easily it will be to identify as a male if it has a bulge. The bulge is the GREY circle above. Males develop this bulge (testicals) anywhere from 5-8 months of age although I had one not show any bulge until 14 months! Sometimes, well fed females will also show a bulge however. Here is a little known trick to use if you are unsure. Check out the red circle, Male crested geckos' bulge will typically be separated. In the picture above, you should clearly see the division. That's a male! 

The brown circle are called 'spurs'. Some hobbyist relate that male spurs show up before, and are larger than female spurs. I have never found this to be a consistent method to determine the sex of the gecko.

Finally, you may have read/heard that one can tell the difference by checking the pores. What does that mean? Well, check the orange circle. Pores are very small indentations (concave) on the animals scales just above the genital opening. They form in a straight line between the legs. If you check the photo closely, you will clearly see one, maybe two rows of these 'pores'. That's a male! Sometimes a female may have a small number of pores (4-5) with 'some' indentation. Look for the consistent line of pores to ensure the animal is a male. As well, these pores will show up months before the bulge shows up- sometimes around 4-5 months of age.

The very best way to see their pores is with the use of a loupe. You may have seen one if you have been to the jeweler or a coin collector. However, these loupes are usually expensive. I know as I purchased one years ago. Today, it sits on a shelf somewhere in the facility as I prefer a far less expensive, but better loupe. You can find it here-  LOUPE PAGE

Gecko Loupe


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