How do I know if my leopard gecko is egg bound

Egg binding in reptiles (dystocia) is a serious situation and a visit to a reputable vet should be considered.

Symptoms-  lethargy, loss of appetite, most notably bloated stomach. Unfortunately almost impossible to tell by an inexperienced breeder!

Cause- while genetic (physical deformity), abnormally large/misshaped/stuck together eggs are causes of egg binding, poor health is a much more common cause- including calcium deficiency. Most often occurs in first time breeding females (DeNardo 1995). Can occur even with unbred females.

Solution- several hobbiests rely on luke warm baths. Another method is to gently massage the egg area. Both of these methods are very risky. The best option to take is to consult a vet that speciallizing in reptile care.
Note- it may be more dangereous to the animal's health to treat before it is needed.

Finally, again poor health/breeding practices greatly increase the chance for Egg Binding and will, if egg binding does occur greatly increase the chance of losing the animal.




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