Homopholis fasciata

Common Name- African banded velvet gecko

Homopholis fasciata  01

Photo by David Kelley


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Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
Eublepharidae Chordata Reptilia Squamata Gekkonidae Homopholis fasciata

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Most Underrated Gecko- Homopholis fasciata


The gecko sports a grey body with darker semi-banding throughout their body.  The tail is ringed grey and white.  Size up to 4".  They are nocturnal.  H. fasciata are arboreal and utilize a diverse set of resting places, as they spend most of their time hanging out on shrub, under pieces of bark, or even on man made structures.


Found in tropical east Africa.  They are very adaptable and are found in/on many different objects with a preference to be found on trees.


Humidity is fairly important to this species. Mist the enclosure 2-3 times a week.  A water dish (cleaned and refilled a couple times a week) should be used. For temperatures, they prefer the low 80's with a warm spot up to 90.  Feedings can consist of medium sized crickets.  Include dubia, mealworms, and other medium sized insect sources for variety.  Dust the insects with a calcium/vitamin mix every other feeding.


Breeding is straightforward with H. fasciata.  Males can be kept with the female.  The female places her eggs in secluded spots like under cork bark.  Eggs may be collected and placed in a bottle cap over dry sand.  The bottle cap is then places in a container half filled with moist medium.  Eggs need humidity but not moisture. Incubate around 78-84 degrees.  Eggs will hatch around 60-80 days. Setup the babies like the adults.  Brumation is desirable for breeding.  Cooler temps (@10 degree drop) should be provide from late fall to late winter/early spring. 



Substrate- peat/sphagnum moss/sand mix to hold humidity.  Include a hide (overturned flower pot saucer) to give them security.  Decor of live plants and cork bark should be provided for climbing. A 10 gallon aquarium makes a great setup.  Uvb lights are not required, but may be used.

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