The odds were against us this year. Two males and one female (het for Red).  2 eggs and one went bad within the first week.  How could I ever hope for a red pictus gecko in this breeding season?

I received the males and the female Paroedura picta a couple of years ago.  The males are just beautiful. Not glowing red (not Red Bull Red!) but a wonderful brand new reddish-orange basketball.  The first year, no eggs.  Not that I was too worried about getting eggs the first year. I wanted to fatten up the female for this year's breeding season.

Unfortunately, the two eggs was far less than I had hoped for this year.  And then to see one go bad.  Frustration. 

So, when I went down to check on the animals last night, opened the egg container, and sighted the glowing orange hatchling, it made my night (dare I say year)! 

2012 will be a fun year for us with this wonderful little gecko.  I think there is so much untapped beauty in this mini gecko.


Pictus baby

Pictus-  Normal Color

Pictus Red Baby

Pictus Red Baby (2 days old) (note- its left front foot is buried in the sand)



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