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I recently did a trade with Wally at the past Tinley Park NARBC show, and he was a pleasure to deal with. The animals I recieved were in tip-top shape and look great Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again, good guy!!
Posted By: Derek D
I've met Wally many times at different shows and have vended near him. He's a class act for sure, a fun guy, and does his absolute best to ensure the quality of his animals. Wally is the quintessential BOI Good Guy.
Posted By: Aaron P
I have had the pleasure of doing business with Wally on only one occasion, but would not hesitate to purchase from him again if the opportunity presented itself. Wally has been a stand up guy from the start, absolutely no misrepresentation of animals, with topnotch quality and care. He has even contacted me a few times since the purchase to make sure that everything is still going okay, and to make sure I didn't have any questions or concerns. Wally is the kind of individual who helps keep the good name in this hobby, and obviously cares about quality, health, and wellbeing of his animals, and the satisfaction of his customers, not just making a quick buck like so many others.
Posted By: Shaw P
Wally Kern of SupremeGecko totally rocks! I havent gotten any animals from Wally ("dying" for one of his Gargoyles) but he has unselfishly helped me with a couple animals I have rescued. One is what turned out to be a wonderful female Leopard, and the other is a crippled Crestie. Oh, And a beardie that was perplexing her caretaker. Wally never has too much going on that he cant help..even tho I know he is a busy person, as most people are these days.
Posted By: Kendra E
I have had nothing but great experiences with Wally. He has sold me some great geckos in the past and always takes the time to answer any questions I might have.
Posted By: Mike P
I have to put Wally at the top of my list of Great people. It started when I rescued a normal Leo from being abandon in a empty house. I had no idea how to care for it and knew almost nothing about geckos in general. While searching the internet I came across Supreme Geckos and took a chance to e-mail him with some questions to my surprise he answered the very next morning, He was great with helping me understand the world of geckos and over the next 3-4 months I e-mailed him at least 2-3 times a week with questions and concerns and he always took the time to answer me and make sure I understood what was going on. He never once got aggravated with my questions or how many times I e-mailed him. He was so helpful that I named the first one I rescued Wally jr. after Mr.Kern. I fell in love with geckos and now have 4 total 1 I bought from Wally a Red Stripe the price was as reasonable as I could hope for and he actually shipped it to me at a cost that was way less than what the actual shipping was and never once asked for me to pay the difference. The leo arrived in great shape, healthy and has turned into a beautiful animal. I am looking to get another female and will only be getting it from Wally as I know he puts his heart into his pets and will always be around to give any help he can. I have also bought supplies from him all arriving in just a few days as promised. He has been a great person and although I have never met him in person I consider him a friend and will recommend him to anybody looking for leos. Thanks again Wally for all you have done for me.
Posted By: Roger W
Wally has to be one of the nicest guys in the business. He is always willing to answer any question no matter how small (I have already sent him over 25 emails and he has answered every single one). I received a gecko from him about a month and a half ago and she is amazing. not only is she beautiful she is healthy. I have never seen an animal eat likes she does. she has already put on more than 14g in the short time I have had her and she has shed twice. with each shed she gets brighter and brighter. YOU SIMPLY CAN'T BEAT WALLY'S PRICE FOR THE QUALITY OF ANIMAL AND SERVICE YOU WILL RECEIVE! If you are thinking about buying a gecko buy one from Wally.
Posted By: Matt E
We have two daughters and Wally is the King in their eyes! We started out with our gecko collection from one of those "pet" stores! Unaware as most are, RE: how poorly the animals are treated. We were lucky and have an awesome leopard gecko which is doing great, but our other geckos have been hand selected from Wally's incredible collection. We are going to need food again soon and that will be a long night since it is like a field trip every time we go to Wally's!! He is so knowledgeable and helpful, I really can't say enough! We have three crested and a gargoyle from him. When our leopard is old enough to breed we will be seeking his help selecting the "right" mate! If you are new to geckos or just need someone to bounce something off Wally is your guy. We will be a customer for as long as he has geckos!!!!
Posted By: Evan K
The new website is fantastic. See you at the next show.
Posted By: donald falk
Wally is the best we were moving out of state and did not want to lose our geckos but we were unable to take them with so wishing on a prayer we asked Wally to watch them and he did now our geckos are at home with us but if it wasn't for Wally we would not have them anymore for this I am indebted to Wally but he insist that I owe nothing any ?'s i have i ask he answers the wisdom and knowledge he has is unbeleivable and the geckos he breeds are outstanding I recently purchased a dark baby from him and is the coolest At the same time I purchased a tiger gecko and I would bet anyone that you will never find a tiger with as perfect pattern as this one look around and i bet you will never find as good of quality or a company that is more then willing to answer all ?'s and share as much knowledge as supreme gecko
Posted By: chris keiser

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