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i first had contact with Supreme Gecko at the NARBC a few years ago in Tinley Park. My Daughter wanted a Bearded dragon. After hitting a few booths we came to Supreme Gecko and engaged in a conversation with Wally Kern about Crested Geckos. He is a patient and caring breeder, and took more time than I could have asked for during the busy show. We did purchase two Crested Geckos and Wally was there for any question in the future. If you are interested in Geckos that supreme Gecko has available, I can tell you it will be a great experience!
Posted By: John Schultz
Tinley Park, Illinois
I was directed towards Wally to purchase Pictus geckos...
He answered every question I had , gave me a great selection to choose from at great prices.
And when I picked my geckos he shipped them as soon as the weather allowed quickly, professionally and even added a couple of extras for my patience even though it wasn't his fault for the weather... It was a great online buying experience from a great breeder and I will definitely be doing buisness with him again in the future .... Thanks Wally
Posted By: Darren Cook
For quite some time now I've have direct people toward Wally Kern and Supreme Gecko. for many reason from the animals he has for sale to the newsletter and informative articles his website provides. He is no doubt one of the most kind hearted, well informed, and dedicated breeders I know. He strives to share his knowledge and passion with others and is always willing to help! I know he has personally answered many questions from me even though I had never purchased an animal from him. Finally the day has come, and I'm very pleased to announce, I have a Supreme Gecko of mine own. Wally and his collection definitely do not disappoint! I very highly recommend him and look forward to future transactions!
Posted By: Blair Forrest
We have ordered and received crested geckos from Supreme Gecko last month. I was impressed with the service in regard to the watching of temperatures for their shipping process. They truly wanted to make sure the animals were safe when shipping. They kept in contact with us and as soon as a good temperature window opened they contacted us. We are very happy with our geckos and would recommend them to others for quality animals and service. <br />
<br />
Posted By: Wanda Evans
keep crested geckos, Portland OR
Our family recently purchased 2 crested geckos from Wally at Supreme Gecko. We already have a couple snakes, and a turtle, but these were our first geckos. He was so helpful, and really took the time to answer all of our questions. You could tell he was very passionate about the animals, and that he really enjoys talking about them. Since we brought our new pets home I have e-mailed him several times with questions, and he has always responded quickly, and seems genuinely happy to help me out. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a new friend. We are really enjoying our new family members, and are very confident we made the right choice in deciding on the cresteds. Thanks again Wally, and you may be seeing us again. Now my sister wants one!
Posted By: Stacy D
So many times we take good experiences for granted and only post positive things when somebody questions us. I have known and worked with Wally from www.supremegecko.com for years and he is A+ in my book. It started off when I had some really bad housing/room mate situations and I needed to get rid of my geckos quickly. He offered to gecko-sit them for an undetermined amount of time (ended up being 3 or 4 months). This was an amazing favor he did for me, and because of him I was able to continue with my hobby (new place of residence of course). It didn't stop there though, he has continuously reached out his hand and helped me throughout the years, and I cannot say enough on his behalf. There are very few people that I would put my name/reputation on the line for, but he is one of those people. I have no problem referring people to him (sometimes turning them away from my own table at shows), and I won't hesitate when somebody asks about him or his animals. He has superior animals for a superior price, but his customer service goes way beyond that. If you're looking for rhacs, leos, day geckos, or viper geckos contact him and rest assured that your order will be taken care of now and in the future
Posted By: Jenna F
I bought one beautiful pinstripe crested from Wally a few months ago. What a great animal she is! Wally has been very kind and extremely professional and helpful. I would definitely buy from him again. I've found Wally to be sincere and caring.
Posted By: Jill B
I am proud to say that Wally is one of my vendor`s here in Wisconsin at the W.I.R.E. reptile expo. I have had the pleasure of knowing Wally, wife, and two sons for some time now. They a class act. I have also made some purchases from him. He takes the time to help anyone with questions. I have never had a compliant during, or after my show about Wally. I would recommend him to anyone!
Posted By: Jim Stelpflug
Doing business with Supreme Gecko is the kind of experience that keeps this hobby fun. We (Molly and I) purchased a Crested Gecko to add to our herp collection in the spring of 07. Not only was the animal an impressive addition that developed into one of Molly's favorites, but Wally impressed us both with his willingness to provide prompt and thorough replies to our correspondence regarding animal care. Since then we have had many conversations with Wally, in email and in person, and have had the opportunity to see a variety of supreme examples of Geckos, Chameleons, and most recently Hognose snakes. Keep up the good work Supreme Gecko!
Posted By: Adam S
I have purchased many animals from Wally, and he has been nothing but helpful and caring. I have just sold the last of the babies of the season from the female leopard geckos I acquired from Wally. They sold out within a week! It just goes to show the quality of animal you can expect. I also purchased a Red Bull baby from Wally and have nothing but complements from all who have seen him. I can't wait to start this breeding season so I can pass on those beautiful genes. Whenever I am considering beginning a new breeding project I contact Wally to get information about the species. He is always helpful and full of information. Living in Ohio, Wally is always meticulous about his shipping to me and has resolved any and all carrier issues we have had. Supreme Gecko says it all in the name. You can expect the best from this experienced breeder.
Posted By: Bill F

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