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Sometimes it is hard to make a choice. Sometimes you make a choice and regret it but sometimes you don't.

Today, I had to choose between vending at the Wheaton Reptile Show and attending my youngest son's tournament soccer game (and some testing for work in the early morning). What to do, what to do!

Unfortunately, through the results of the previous day's games, his team needed to win Sunday and win big. They needed 8 goals in the game when they had only scored one the previous two days (granted, behind some great defensive effort to only give up 2 goals). Needless to say, 8 goals seemed a monumental task- an almost impossible endeavor. It would be easy for me to ease out of the drive to the Tournament and make the run to Wheaton.

In the last few weeks I've made a lot of local friends whom were all asking if I would make it to the show. We also have some outstanding young animals that we were considering taking along- Some really nice leopards and a handful of cresteds with great bloodlines (oh, and a couple of REDS of course).


Again, sometimes it is difficult to make these choices....... but not this time. It's all about family for me. It always has been and it always will be. Other than some business commitments, traveling overseas for my prior employer, I don't think I have missed but a handful of games (3 sons in baseball and soccer for over 10 years each or so) and that is a fact I am very proud of.  If you need to make a decision like this in the near future, keep all your priorities in line. It is not easy but you will be happier in the long run.



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