I'm stuck, Is it a gaggle, a flock, a school? Na, that doesn't sound correct. A bushel, a peck of picta. That doesn't sound like it either.

So what do you call a whole lot of picta?

We've been working with this fun species for a couple year and have had good success with reproducing them. It's been a bit of a learning process to understand how to handle their eggs but that's what makes it fun.

With the HUGE popularity of this little gecko we are please to be offering these wonderful little gecko at the upcoming SEWERFest reptile show July 31 for the first time in about 8 months.

Ok, so what DO you call a group if picta.... leave a comment below.


Pictus Babies




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What do you do when one of your most beloved animals turns up missing?

For breeding purposes, we have 4 males that are lucky enough to move between groups of females. Red Bull is one of these 4. He spends his time romancing 3 sets of females-Lucy, a set of 3 identical Red females, and one Pinstripe. He spends 3-4 days in each enclosure, then mossies over to the next 'encounter'. We move the males in and out as well as a tag on the front of the females' enclosure to indicate where the male currently resides.

This weekend, while cleaning and moving crested geckos, I went into Lucy's enclosure to see if I could persuade Red Bull into visiting the Red Ladies. After shuffling the decor around a bit, realized he man of the house was nowhere to be found. "Ah, perhaps I move him without moving the tag", I encouraged myself. Over to the other two enclosures and, after some frantic investigation, no Red Bull. As of today, Red Bull is MIA.

Keep your hopes up as Nanette, miss Detail Oriented, has been tasked with finding the AWOL gecko. I am sure he will show up shortly...... wow is it difficult typing this with my fingers crossed!


UPDATE!!!  We have found Red Bull. I feel like such a clutz!  Nanette went down stairs when after I finally admitted that I could not find Red Bull. She went to the tank with the note marking that he was in the tank, pulled out the driftwood and plastic plants. After a moment, she mentioned that he HAD to be in the enclosure somewhere. On the ground, there is a black plastic hide. I KNOW I CHECKED UNDER THIS HIDE!!! She pulled it up and there was Lucy. Nanette asked if this was Red Bull. I pointed out the difference but, as she held the little black hide I could see that we had found Red Bull! Plastered on the top of the hide, up-side-down, was the Hide and Go Seek master!

Nice to have you back Red Bull.... guess I will need to be a bit more careful in the future.


Red Bull crested gecko



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If you check our store, we are now carrying the MRP - Day Gecko Diet, the Superload, the SuperCal LoD, and the SuperVite- All fine additions to the proven Repashy Superfoods line.

The SuperCal LoD and the SuperVite are the perfect supplements to your nocturnal gecko's needs. We dust with the calcium almost every insect feeding. Also, we load our leopard gecko's food dish with the calcium... Very Important!  Then, about every week, we do a dusting with the vitamins. 

The Day Gecko Diet is a bit sweeter than the MRP, contains everything your day gecko needs, and is formulated with flavors they love.

The Superload is new product intested to Gut Load your insects. Are you gut loading? You should be!


Repashy SuperCal LoD     Repashy SuperVite      Repashy Superfoods SuperLoad     Repashy Superfoods MRP - Day Gecko Food


and the Calcium/Vitamin combo

Repashy combo



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Leopard Gecko Rack



Three weeks ago, I started turning up the heat and extending the room lighting hours. A couple weeks ago, I started offering more food, including a few waxworms. All enclosures have been scrubbed clean and fresh mealworm cups and fresh water dishes have been added to each gecko's tank. Their hides are all filled with new vermiculite and the Leopard gecko Breeding season has begun.

The goal is to add a few grams here and there on the females before introducing the males. Even though the females are all mostly around 60-70 grams, it doesn't hurt to start them off on the right foot. I'm a computer geek as you may know so when it was time to weigh all the females and males, all the info went right into a spreadsheet and all the females color coded to the male they will be going with this year.

New and old projects abound with our 2011 season. Our carrot tail like will be our staple again this year as we will produce the most babies from them. The Reverse, Raptor, and Mack Super Snow lines will also see a number youngsters produced. A few other 'hopeful' suprises will be on the way as well.

Our incubators are quietly empty for now and the Supreme Hatch Material awaits. In about a month, we should have all males cycled through the females and should start seeing little white objects in the lay boxs.  It's a fun time of the year for us, that's for sure!




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Sick Gecko

This is a post directly resulting from J.t.'s of Windy City Reptiles' post- "Its time we care !!!!!"
We spoke today at the AAE about 'helping' as a group. I related the following-

I get a LOT of Emails. Some are inquiries about purchasing animals, some are questions on caring for animals, some are Emails showing off animals purchased some time before.
These are always fun Emails to answer.

A few however are more difficult to answer but I feel the issue presented must be covered. The Email goes something like this- "I stopped in at 'insert your local pet store name here' and found 'insert reptile name here'. The animal was going to die and I couldn't leave it there so I purchased it! How do I care for this animal now?

I always respond with suggestions on care for the animal but follow up with this statement- "Please do not purchase weak/sick/dying animals from this store again!"

We are fortunate in this area (Milwaukee) to have several great Pet Stores that really know what they are doing- Hoffer's Tropic Life and Captive Bred Specialties. But, we have some that do not know how to care for reptiles.

When customers purchase sick animals from stores, that indicates to the owners that they should restock those animals! By buying a sick/dying animal, you are not only jeopardizing your own animals (passing on the sickness) but also encouraging the store to bring in more! Do not purchase these animals.

I do not however support boycotts or on-line protests against these pet stores. At times, the people working in the stores are performing their jobs just as the owners are instructing them to. Most often, it is a lack of knowledge about the animals that cause these problems.

So what is the solution? Attack it at the root! Ask for a meeting with the manager/owner. Mention that you have a great way for him/her to increase profits! Tell them that it will only cost them 10 minutes of their time. That will get their attention.

And how does this store increase profits? By decreasing cost and increasing sales. By minimizing the loss of reptiles, they immediate increase animals available for sale. By providing healthier animals, the store will have less returns of deceased animals and more returning, satisfied customer. Healthier animals look better in their store enclosures and attract more customer.

Finally, how does the owner provide healthier animals. You can offer your service to train the store's employees during off hours through a live demonstration/discussion. And if you don't completely feel comfortable or informed...... contact a fellow CWCR member as there is a ton of info in this group and we are all concerned about helping provide hobbyist the ability to care for their reptiles as best as they can.

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