I enjoy working with our geckos.  Working with the web site and going to reptiles shows is a blast!  I cannot wait to jump on Email or Facebook to answer questions or offer suggestions to help other keepers...... but, I hate Graphic Design!

It's not that I don't know what I want for a logo or a Facebook banner or some other design.  I know what the Supreme Gecko brand should look like, its just that I don't have a lick of artistic talent.  Sure in high school art class I could draw well enough to slide by with a B average but that was a long time ago and with today's photo editing and graphic tools, one needs a 2 year degree to be proficient in most of them!

Not so long ago, I went on the search for a person that could help put together a logo that represented Supreme Gecko.  In the upper left hand corner of this page is a design that, when I first saw it, I absolutely loved!  You know Red Bull, our primary RED crested gecko and cornerstone of our collection.  Well the logo shows him off perfectly.  The requirments we offered were sketchy at best but the 'artist' went above and beyond with this Logo.  I would like to give a huge thank you to Kasey Conners.  She was a pleasure to work with and any of the changes I asked for (and they were small changes), were quicly made and sent back to me.

Supreme Pictus
Kasey created the perfect graphic for our new Supreme Pictus Facebook site.


I had the pleasure to connect with Amanda Pitschmann a few months ago when she ordered a lovely crested gecko from us.  She was wonderful and asked all the right questions of a new gecko owner.  I quickly found out that she also does work with Facebook banners for fan pages.  When I asked her to put together one for the Supreme Gecko fan page and recently for the new Supreme Pictus fan page, she turned them around in 1 day and exactly as I was hoping they would turn out.  I think both examples represent what we are doing with geckos exactly as I had hoped.

Supreme Pictus
Please contact Amanda at her Facebook page HERE to build your Facebook Fan page banner.


I'm so proud to have these two wonderful resoruces on the Supreme Gecko graphic design team  :)



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 I am so glad you took the time to join us here.  I try to provide educatoin and entertainment in the reptile world. Click on the following links and you will find TONS of info under the Learning Center.  Enjoy our Videos,   Chat with me on our Facebook page and on Twitter.  If you enjoy the info, please LIKE, comment, or repin on these sites.

Importantly,  I would like your feedback.  Check out our pages (the Supreme Gecko site, YouTube, FB, etc.) and our Newsletter and please leave a comment below- 

1. How are we doing with sharing info?

2. Do you enjoy our articles/photos/stories?

3. How can we improve?  Share your thoughts.


Your comments are valueable to us!






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"This just in".... sounds like a news flash.  Well, for Supreme Gecko it is.  A couple weeks ago, we made arrangements to ship in Lygodactylus williamsi, the Electric Blue gecko.

A little history-  four or five years ago, the L. williamsi started showing up in the hobby.  It seemed like every other table at reptile shows were offering these beautiful little geckos.  First they were around about $250 each but quickly were L-williamsi-female-bpriced under $50.  Their price was so depreciated that I felt other hobbyist must have been breeding these gekcos like crazy and decided not to purchase any at that time.  Besides, back then, I was keeping crested geckos, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and chameleons.  I had no interest in these tiny little geckos. 

At the time, information came out that the geckos were limited to a very small ecosystem in Africa- not square miles, but square blocks in size!  It wasn't long before the government shut down exporting the animals.  You would think that with so many in the country that captive breeding would have established L. williamsi in the hobby and they would be readily available.  This did not happen and now they are nearly impossible to find. 

Keeping in contact with a wonderful keeper, Linda of Switzer Reptiles.  We purchased other small geckos from her this past year and in one of our conversations, she mentioned that she had several L. williamsi that she was growing up.  During subsequent discussions, I made sure that I let her know that I was very interested in the animals and as luck would have it, they became available about 2 weeks ago. 

It's extremely exciting to be able to work with these wonderful animals for the first time.  I hope, with the 8 individuals, that we have at least one male in the group.  Keep checking back as I would really enjoy working with other hobbyists that are as interested in these jewels as I am.



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Every year for over 25 years, baseball cracker jacksI have taken the baseball's opening day off of work.  My wife makes brats, buys peanuts and crackerjacks, and decorates the family room full of baseball decor.  It's a special day as the first game usually starts at 11 am and the last of the 4 games ends around 11 pm.  Am I a baseball fan?  You know it!  Below are the Top 10 activities I will be doing-

1.  I will Signon to my work Email and see all the tasks that I am not doing a thing about… and close my work Email as quickly as possible.

2.  Wad up a piece of paper and throw it at the TV because I’m upset that someone on my favorite team struck out. Log in to the computer- check to see how my fantasy team is doing- wad up a piece of paper, and throw it at the computer.

3.  Eat way too many salty peanuts.  Have a brat for lunch… swear because the ketchup burns my lips from all the salty peanuts.

baseball and peanuts

4.  Wish I were tailgating on opening day instead of watching the games on TV.  Walk outside to get the mail in 32 degree weather and run back inside because it is so cold out.

5.  Reminisce about the cubs playing in Japan 12 years ago and think about all the good thoughts like Sammy Sosa and the great expectations about the cubbies in 2000.  Then remember that Oakland and Seattle played a week ago and quickly realize how truly uneventful that game was and that I fell asleep in the 5th inning.

6.  Hear a home run call some time during the day and hear the echo of "HEY HEY" and "HOLY COW" then remember how much I miss Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray.

Jack Brickhouse baseball   Harry Caray Baseball


7.  Check my the standings of my fantasy league after the first set of MLB games. Do a quick fist pump as my team is in first place. Check my fantasy league after the second set of MLB games. Look at all my players to trade them.

8.  Think about the 45 MLB opening days in a row I've watched and realize how very very old I really am...... Realize it will be another 45 more opening days I will have to watch before my beloved Chicago Cubs win the WS.

9  Thank my wife for putting together the beautiful spread of food and decorations for the 25 some year in a row.

10.  Remember sometime during the day that my mother and I would watch baseball games when I was a kid and use to write down the score at the end of every single Cub game in the back of her big Bible- and miss her so much....... I will then pick up our granddaughter Cristal, hold her in my arms while watching a baseball game, and keep the Kern tradition going.baseball father and daughter

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As you may know, my latest passion involves the little geckos- Lygodactylus, Spearodactylus, and Gonatodes.  Yes, the ones that are smaller than most other gecko's babies.  These animals are ALWAYS active and on the prowl for food.  The challenge is 1. finding the smallest of foods for them and 2. Finding enough of it.  I have been on a quest the past months to match supply with demand.

My initial source was Abby Malvestuto from Chicago (aka Herpetological Girl).  Her wingless fruit flies were a perfect staple food.  With feedings occuring every day though, I quickly ran out and was not able to successfully set up other cultures in time.  My next source came from Captive Bred Specialties.  About once a week, I would stop in and chat with the guys about this or that and purchase a hundred little crickets (actually would get a few more than that :)  Very convenient and inexpensive but I still wanted to be a bit more self reliant.  I tried mealworms and that worked great but again, supply ran out far too quickly.  I had to find those fruit flies!

Well, the NARBC show was last weekend and at the end of the event, I found my 'source'.  Josh's Dart Frogs had a great supply and the food and the cups, well they had everything.  A bag full and about $50 lighter, I had 6 containers of flies- 3 D. melanogascar and 3 D. hydei, food, and cups.  If you keep dart frogs, and know that I only have about 15 animals to feed, you know where this story is headed.

Feeding time rolls around a few days after the show and I set aside a high deli cup (similar to the one the flies are in).  A tap or two and the insects should all be down at the bottom.  I open the top and about a million fruit flies are still on the lid!  In unison, they all decide to hop down to my cart and start crawling in all directions.  Top back on and a few quick sweeps of a piece of paper later and miraculously, about 99.9999 percent are in the once empty deli cup now being topped off with another lid.  In those 30 frantic seconds, I used every swear word I knew... and made up a couple in the process. 

All's well that ends well but I quickly realized that I had enough wingless fruit flies in this one cup to feed for WEEKS!  And I have 5 other cups!  Anyone need some fruit flies?


Fruit Fliesfruitfliesfruitfliesfruitfliesfruitfliesfruitflies



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