You know already my fascination with this genus  (see recent article-  New Paroedura Shipment).  I'm now keeping six different Paroedura species.  I am sure you are wondering why.  It's simple, they are fascinating.

The genus Paroedura is mostly small geckos (under 6 inches in length), have few requirements, and are all cute, curious little geckos.  From the superstar of the group-  Paroedura masobe to the well know P. pictus (P. picta) they all have their own unique qualities and are a pleasure to keep.

Thursday of this week, our shipment of 2 more species came in-  P. vazimba and P. sp. (an undescribed species).  While excited about having the opportunity to work with both, I was really excited about finally getting to work with P. vazimba.  These are so cool.  They look to be very closely related to P. androyensis (one of my absolute favorite geckos).  The undescribed specie, well I will have to see how this one works out.  It would be a blast to see babies this coming year. 

As an important note-  I have found my favorite breeder to order these wonderful animals and many other unique, rare species of geckos from-  Jon Boone.  He is a great guy and a wealth of information.  You can find him advertising on Geckos Unlimited and at  Jon Boone


Paroedura vazimba Paroedura vazimba Paroedura species
Paroedura vazimba Paroedura vazimba Paroedura sp.



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As you may know, I have developed the fever for Paroeduras.  I love P. pictus (Madagascar group geckos) and all the other species of Paroedura.  I had the great opportunity to purchase two additional species from Jerry at The Drosophila Co. this past month (Sept. 2012).  Jerry sent me a pair each of Paroedura bastardi (which I have wanted to work with for some time) and Paroedura oviceps, a real surprise to find available.

They came to us in absolutely perfect shape and fed the day after putting them in their new home.  Currently, both pairs are housed in a 10 gallon, heavily planted tank with plenty of cork bark for hiding places and for climbing and looking around their new environment.  I don't like these setups but for now, they seem to be happy.  Feeding comes in mid-sized crickets and the pairs simply devour the insects.

The genus Paroedura is filled with very unique species. Again, I feel very fortunate to be keeping 6 different species currently and you know I am scouring the reptile ads for more  :)

Paroedura bastardi Paroedura oviceps Paroedura oviceps
Paroedura bastardi Paroedura oviceps Paroedura oviceps


For the latest of our Paroedura acquisions see New Animals - More Paroedura


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I remember my first NARBC Tinley.  I went as a visitor of course as I was only in my second or third year of breeding and couldn't even image having a table at this impressive show!  How times have changed  :)

Anyways, that first show was spent walking and walking and asking questions and walking some more.  I spent time talking to Albey Scholl, Anthony Caponetto, Garrick Demeyer, and others.  Five hours of the best gecko experience one could ever hope for.  Oh, and I spent about.... well, you don't want to know how much I spent, do you  :)

So, for the next couple of years, I would look forward to the show and on game day, I mean show day, hit my favorite breeders up with tons of questions and pick up more and more geckos. 

Then, everything started changed.  A few years ago, I started vending at Tinley.  Every show, we've done very well.  Nice you might think,  Well, that just meant that I had more money to spend.  I got to the point that after walking away from the Supreme Gecko table and being gone for more than 10 or 15 minutes, one of the boys would come and get me to try to limit my spending. 

This year was different.  Not only did I limit the number of animals I brought back home to a only 3, I traded for them.  Can you believe that!  What is this world coming to?!


Gecko Rack Gecko Rack Bavayia sp.
Arboreal Stand Bavayia enclosure Bavayia sp.


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CGD Diet Dish

I've had this request for some time-  a place for fellow hobbyist to leave their opinion on the Crested Gecko Diet Dishes.  People have mentioned these are great leopard gecko and baby bearded dragon water dishes.  We use them for our pictus as well.  However, we fill up about 200 every feeding for our crested geckos.  They are low enough even for baby geckos.  It's the simple things in life that bring me joy  :)

Leave your comment on how you use these dishes and how you like them below.


For a short time-  Get FREE dishes at SEWERFest GiveAway

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SEWERFest Reptile Show

SEWERFest 2012 is just around the corner-  Sunday August 5!   This is your chance to see some of the finest, rarest reptiles and best breeders in the Midwest. 

To celebrate this years show and to promote the special event for those of you that have never been to SEWERFest, we will be adding all types of Show Specials, activities, and information about the show.

To start with, here is the SEWERFest web site. 

You will want to visit the page you're on often in the next 2 weeks as we share stories, offer helpful 'show' tips, share some activities (contests) with nice prizes, and of course a view of the animals we'll bring to the show before anyone else- and at Show Discounts before.


August 1  -  Today's Giveaway $25 to the Supreme Gecko table at SEWERFest!
Rule- simple, comment HERE with the most unique, coolest name of one of your reptile pets. Leave a 1 sentence description/reason if you like. Most LIKES wins!  Drawing Saturday at noon. Only redeemable at SEWERFest Sunday.

July 30 I was hoping to get some of these listed yesterday but I hope the wait was worth it.  See below for list of animals available.  Check them all out by clicking - Geckos For Sale.


July 25I need testers.  That's right, I need some people to test our Repashy CGD Diet dishes.  Try them with the CGD, try them as water dishes, try them as a tiny cereal bowl for your Captn' Cruch, I don't care.  At SEWERFest, I will be GIVING AWAY a bunch of dishes- FOR FREE! All I ask is- Diet Dish

  1. Leave a comment below saying that you 'want to try the dishes'
  2. Stop by our table at SEWERFest and get your 2 free dishes (while supplies last)
  3. Try them for a couple weeks and leave a quick comment (how you used them and did you like them) here-  Meal Worm Dish Review

I think you'll find these the coolest thing, just like we did.


July 21-  Let's kick things off the right way-  Aaron LaForge and Shane Ager (show organizers) have genereously offered 4 tickets to give away for the show.  So, WANNA GO TO THE SHOW FOR FREE?  Here's what you do-  Just go to the Supreme Gecko FB Fan Page-  and share the SEWERFest link.  That's it.  I will draw 2 names the day before the show.




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July 30 I was hoping to get some of these listed yesterday but I hope the wait was worth it.  See below for list of animals available.  Check them all out by clicking - Geckos For Sale.